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Nicotine e-Liquids for any electronic cigarettes

e-Juice: the heart of safer smoking

Nicotine liquid that creates water vapor is in fact an oil based liquid. When heated gently by the atomizer in an e-Cig, the organic vegetable
glycerin and glycol releases H2O in vapor format. The resemblance to cigarette smoke is uncanny, and this inhalable "fake smoke" is the
main reason smokers are able to switch to this safer and satisfying method of nicotine consumption.

Unlike flavored tobacco, liquid nicotine has no pungent odor of burning tobacco to cover-up. It starts out with no taste; flavors are then added
via food grade additives to simulate a variety of flavors, including many special teased tobacco flavors that mimic your favorite tobacco
Try exotic blends of tobacco and simulated curing techniques like Silk Cut, Flue-Cured Tobacco, Havana
Cigar, or Virginia Special Blends... to name a few. The Turkish Blend is quite delicious and very popular.

Of course name brand cigarettes like Marlboro, Export A, DuMaurier, and Pall-Mall are available
however these are simulated flavors, and do not include the taste of carbon monoxide, benzenes, or
ammonia, and therefore do not really taste exactly similar. All tobacco simulation flavors are quite good,
experiment a little to find your favorite.
Nicotine e-Liquids, ice mint, Cancer-Bites.com
Nicotine e-Liquids, Cancer-Bites.com
Ultimately, if you struggle hard with cigarettes, it's more beneficial to your body (and your wallet) to continue with "vaping" electronic cigarettes with clean safe nicotine. Weaning down the strength of nicotine in your e-Liquids is one approach, however there's no reason why you can't simply smoke-safer for as long as you want.

Flavors and Strengths

An 80/20 blend of four parts VG and 1 part PG is our default base. Flavoring, and
nicotine from tobacco leaf, is then added in exact amounts to produce the finished

Nicotine e-liquids come in a standard dosage format, measured in milligrams per
milliliter (mg/ml.) which is usually shortened to "mg" :

  0 mg or "Flavor-only" is available
  7 mg is considered to be "Low"
11 mg is considered "Medium"
18 mg is considered "High" and is the industry average and the strength we ship.
24 mg is considered "Xtra-High"
36 mg is considered "XXtra-High"
48 mg is considered "XXXtra-High"

Cost of Nicotine Liquids

Regardless of Flavor or Strength

Nicotine electronic cigarette e-liquid, Cancer-Bites.com, Canada

From left to right: Normal strength (18mg), Low strength (7mg), and No nicotine (0mg) also known as "Flavor only".

Name Flavor Category
Name Flavor Category
7 Wolves Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Almond Nuts
Amaretto Alcohol
Apple Nuts
Banana Fruit
Beer Alcohol
Belmont Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Benson & Hedges Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Berry Berry
Bestfelde Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Black Devil Tobacco, Processing Variations
Black DJ clove Spice/Herb/Flower
Black Tea Coffee/Tea
Black Tobacco Tobacco, Processing Variations
Blackberry Berry
Blue Cola Soft Drink
Blue Coral Reefs Cocktail Alcohol
Blueberry Berry
Brandy Alcohol
Bubble gum Sweets
Butter Savoury
Butterscotch Sweets
Cabin Tobacco, Processing Variations
Camel Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Cappuccino Coffee/Tea
Captain Black Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Caramel Sweets
Carlten Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Cast Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Champagne Alcohol
Cheese Savoury
Cheesecake Sweets
Cherry Fruit
Chinese wolfberry Berry
Choco Mint Sweets
Chocolate Sweets
Cigar Tobacco, Processing Variations (Cigar)
Cinnamon Spice/Herb/Flower
Citric Acid Vitamins/Minerals/Compounds
Clove Spice/Herb/Flower
Cobico Sweets
Cocktail Alcohol
Cocoa Sweets
Coconut Fruit
Coconut Cream Fruit
Coenzyme Q10 Vitamins/Minerals/Compounds
Coffee Coffee/Tea
Coffee wine Alcohol
Cohiba Tobacco, Branded Cigar
Collagen Vitamins/Minerals/Compounds
Concentrated Fragrance Rum Alcohol
Congress Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Cotton Candy Sweets
Cream Savoury
Cream Cake Sweets
Cream Rum Alcohol
Cuban Cigar Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Cut Tobacco Tobacco, Generic
Davidof Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Davidof (Gold) Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Deluxe Tobacco Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Doral Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Double Happiness Tobacco, Processing Variations
Double Menthol Menthol/Mint
Double mint Menthol/Mint
Dr. Pepper Soft Drink
Drum Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Du Maurier Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Elder Captain Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Energy Cow ("Red Bull") Vitamins/Minerals/Compounds
Esse Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Export A Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Fennel Spice/Herb/Flower
Filbert Nuts
Flax Spice/Herb/Flower
Flue Cured Tobacco Tobacco, Processing Variations
Frontier Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Fruit mix Fruit
Fruit Punch Fruit
Gitanes Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Gold Dunhi Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Gold Virginia Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Grape Fruit
Grape Wine Alcohol
Green Mint Menthol/Mint
Green peppermint Menthol/Mint
Green Tea Coffee/Tea
Greengage Fruit
Havana Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Health flavor Vitamins/Minerals/Compounds
Health Pear Fruit
Highlight Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Hilllington Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Honey Sweets
Hope Tobacco, Branded Cigarette ("Wish")
Ice Cream Sweets
Jasmine Spice/Herb/Flower
Juicy Peach Fruit
Jujube Sweets
Karelia Tobacco, Branded Cigarette ("Carmen")
Ketchup Savoury
Kiwi Fruit
Kool Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
L&M Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Lamberti Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Larks Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Lemmon tea Coffee/Tea
Lemon Fruit
Licorice Sweets
Life Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Lime Fruit
Litchi Nuts
Longan Fruit
Lote green arrow Menthol/Mint
Lote mint Menthol/Mint
Lotus King Spice/Herb/Flower
Lucky Color Tobacco, Branded Cigarette (Vegas Blend)
Mandarin Fruit
Mango Fruit
Margarita Alcohol
Marlboro Green Tobacco, Branded Cigarette (Menthol)
Marlboro Red Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Mayfair Winfield Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Melon Fruit
Mentha spicata Spice/Herb/Flower
Menthol Menthol/Mint
Migua Fruit (Melon)
Mild 7 Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Milk Savoury
Mint Menthol/Mint
Mint candy Menthol/Mint
Mocha Coffee/Tea
Moore Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Mulberry Berry
My Seven Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Notre Dame Tobacco, Branded, French Pipe Tobacco
N-Port Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Old Holborn Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Orange Fruit
Osmanthus Fragrans Vitamins/Minerals/Compounds
Pall-Mall Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Peace Tobacco, Branded Cigarette ("White Dove")
Peach Fruit
Peanut Nuts
Peanut butter Savoury
Pear Fruit
Philip Morris Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Pianissimo Tobacco, Branded Cigarette ("Simo")
Pinacolada Alcohol
Pineapple Fruit
Pipe Tobacco, Processing Variations (Pipe Tobacco)
Pitaya Fruit
Players Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Pomegranate Fruit
Pride Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Raisin Fruit
Raspberry Fruit
Red birds milk Savoury
Red Cola Soft Drink
Red Delicious Apple Fruit
Rock Sugar Sweets
Root Beer Soft Drink
Rose Spice/Herb/Flower
SAM Mint Menthol/Mint
SEC Tobacco, Processing Variations
Shaddock Fruit (Pomelo)
Sherry Alcohol
Silk Cut Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Slims Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Smoked Plum Ginger Spice/Herb/Flower
Sobranie Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Sosa Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Spearmint Menthol/Mint
Sterling Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Strawberry Fruit
Strawberry Milk Savoury
Strawberry Mint Menthol/Mint
Strong Mint Menthol/Mint
Stuyvesant Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Sugar yoghurt Sweets
Sweet Melon Fruit
Tea Seed Coffee/Tea
Teaberry Coffee/Tea
TK-Tobacco Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Tobacco Tobacco, Generic
Triple Menthol Menthol/Mint
Triple mint Menthol/Mint
Turbosmoke Tobacco, Processing Variations
Turkish Tobacco Tobacco, Processing Variations
Unflavored To Dilute & Soften Flavor, or Alter Nicotine Strength
USA Mix Tobacco, Generic
Valerian Spice/Herb/Flower
Vanilla Spice/Herb/Flower
Vanilla Mint Menthol/Mint
Virginia Tobacco Tobacco, Generic
Vitamin A/B/C/D/E Vitamins/Minerals/Compounds
Waffle Sweets
Watermelon Fruit
Whisky Alcohol
White Chocolate Sweets
White Coffe Coffee/Tea
White Spirits Alcohol
Wine Alcohol
Winston Tobacco, Branded Cigarette
Yakult Savoury
Yoghurt Savoury
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Nicotine e-Liquids, mint chocolate chip ice-cream, Cancer-Bites.com
PG vs VG
Propylene Glycol (PG) is an organic
compound that has been around for
many decades and has been establish
as 'GRAS' or "Generally Regarded As

It has been used in numerous
applications over the years, and
contains nothing but carbon, hydrogen,
and oxygen much like all organic
compounds. It is safe enough to be
used as a base for medications.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG), also known
as Glycerol, has a long list of known and
safe uses as well. It is much thicker
than P. Glycol. Glycerol obtained from
plant and vegetable sources is what is
found in e-Liquids.

Both are colorless, odorless, safe
liquids that are widely used in
pharmaceutical formulations.

There are other bases for e-Liquids
available, but most if not all will have one
or both of these compounds in them.
It is important to note that the amount of
Nicotine, derived from tobacco leaves,
is of more importance. Medical grade
nicotine found in patches, gum, or
e-Cigs is relatively harmless. Like
caffeine, in moderation it is addictive but
not overtly unhealthy.
15ml bottle - $ 9.95
(lasts 3-4 weeks average)
The following list of flavors can be specially ordered in any size or strength shown above. Not all flavors are guaranteed to be in stock but any of them can be ordered in for you. We keep most flavors on hand in the 18mg "high" strength, which is the preferred strength for the average smoker.
The list of flavors can be arranged alphabetically by Name or by Flavor Category. Click the heading of each column to switch, or reverse order.
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